Arch Taekwon do
Archtkd. Martial arts in USA. Taekwondo classes in St. Louis.
Archtkd. Martial arts in USA. Taekwondo classes in St. Louis.
Arch Taekwon do

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The World Taekwondo Federation disqualified Taiwanese Taekwondo champion Yang Shu-chun over allegations that she used illegal electronic scoring sock sensors at her opening bout at the 2010 Asian Games
News Source: -Yahoo News. | Dated: 2010-11-18 11:33:00
The World Taekwondo Federation on Oct. 14 approved new competion rules changes including scoring calculation.
News Source: -Inside The Games. | Dated: 2010-10-14 11:21:00
Clint Robinson, a Sacramento instructor, adapts his low-impact routines for seniors. The new program focuses on balance and developing core strength without sparring.
News Source: -Sacramento Bee. | Dated: 2010-07-28 17:23:00
Instructor Bill Mischke says of his student Jacquelyn: "She seemed to enjoy it and picked things up quicker than I thought she would."
News Source: -Dallas Morning News . | Dated: 2010-07-08 17:23:00
Older Americans are finding sweet spot with Taekwondo and other martial arts.
News Source: -Wall Street Journal. | Dated: 2010-06-29 16:23:00
A Massachusetts woman, who was born with SAR's syndrome has been training in martial arts for three years.
News Source: -AP. | Dated: 2010-05-04 18:52:00
PBS Kids show what makes a good kick.
News Source: -PBS Kids. | Dated: 2009-11-30 15:14:00
Eleven-year old, Evan was born with cerebral palsy. His parents signed him up for Taekwondo at JK Lee Black Belt Academy in Wisconsin to strengthen his legs.
News Source: -UTube. | Dated: 2009-11-12 17:45:00

Arch Taekwon do