Arch Taekwon do
Archtkd. Martial arts in USA. Taekwondo classes in St. Louis.
Arch Taekwon do
It's our belief that a good martial arts school should provide its students and instructors with safe floors on which to train, adequate space, conveniences that cater to their lifestyles, and a private, comfortable atmosphere.

The floor on our primary 1,000 square-foot Dojang, where the bulk of our Taekwondo training is held, is a DIN rated Exerflex wooden floating floor. The surface on the secondary 625 square-foot Dojang, where we hold smaller classes for forms, sparring and special self-defense, is made up of martial arts matting installed on a floating sub-floor. Both floors greatly reduce the chances of injury to our students during training, especially to their ankles, knee joints and backs.

Two training areas enable us to provide simultaneous, but separate, classes for students of different age and skill levels. We believe such separation speeds up learning and creates a better practicing atmosphere for our students. Two spaces also help our students to learn Taekwondo on different surfaces - hard and soft - which is useful in competition and street self-defense. Ample lighting, high ceilings, careful climate control and subtle decor ensure comfort in both areas.

We deliberately built Arch Taekwondo in the lower level of the Beck Building because extensive research shows that martial artists learn best in a private environment, where they can focus their attention, away from the stares of strangers, sound of the street and other distractions.

Arch Taekwondo provides showers for adult students, which allows them to take early morning, Midday or private classes - on their way to work or over lunch break. Ample and well lit street spaces and a proposed parking garage dedicated to the Beck Building means our students also have lots of parking. Our location is easily accessible from major streets and roadways on foot, by bike and by automobile.

Arch Taekwon do